The Denny Team will help you find or build the home of your dreams. We are proud to be a leader in marketing and selling new residential communities in the greater St. Louis community. We have made a strong commitment to our customers, builders, developers and ourselves to offer the very best services available.

We are highly trained New Homes specialists and have insider knowledge of new construction. We listen, we ask, and then we identify the communities best suited to your lifestyle.

Building your own home is an exciting yet often complicated process. There are many details to consider - from choosing the right builder to calculating costs and finding the best community. Diane Denny & Team are specially trained in the new construction field, and will work with you and your builder to help ensure a smooth process every step of the way.

If you're a builder selling a newly constructed property, we can help you strategically market and sell your homes. We're also always looking for lots, tear-downs, etc.


A new home translates into benefits and advantages that are simply not available in a resale property. Below are some reasons that have convinced many to buy new.


You can watch your new home being built. There are no surprises when you move in. You know how the home was built and you know what is behind the walls. You also know how to operate and maintain your homes equipment, and your builder is always there if you need help.


Why live with other people’s outdated designs or outlandish decorating? Why spend money redoing the previous owner’s improvements? From the layout, to the cabinets, to the flooring, new-home builders offer a wide selection of designs, floor plans and upgraded features. You get to pick and choose, customizing your new home to suit your personality and lifestyle. A new home, right from the start.

  • New homes often come equipped with new appliances of higher technology.
  • New homes have more electrical outlets and can be wired for internet access and cable television.
  • New homes are often larger than older ones where the average size was around 1200 square feet, now homes are averaging 1900 square feet. 
  • Most new homes average 2-3 bathrooms as standard whereas, older homes only had 1-2 on average. 
  • Bathrooms and kitchens in new homes have more appealing and luxurious features such as, large vanity mirrors, medicine cabinets, and over-sized tubs. 
  • Many new homes may feature advanced technology options such as, programmed lighting, security and intercom systems. 
  • Many home builders offer services to assist prospective buyers with securing affordable financing for a new home.


When you buy a new home, you will not need to re-roof, replace the furnace, work on the pipes or update the kitchen for many years to come. With a new home, you know what your housing costs will be for years to come, allowing you to budget ahead comfortably. Due to new home building techniques, your time will be less burdened with home maintenance, allowing you to enjoy your new lifestyle neighborhoods.

  • The new homes of today are often built with siding, window and trim materials that never need painting. 
  • In a new home, everything is new so there are few worries and repairs.


There have been tremendous advances in building technology. Building codes are significantly more stringent, and the design and inspection process is far more detailed than in the past. In addition to being much safer, new homes are also highly energy efficient, saving you money in lower energy bills. Indoor air quality is better because healthier products containing fewer allergens are used. Today's building products work better, last longer and often look better.


  • Those who live in the new homes of today are almost six times less likely to die from fire than those that live in older homes. 
  • Most new homes have hard-wired smoke detectors on the entry level and most are interconnected to others on a second level. 
  • New homes have central heating systems that reduce the risk of fire that comes with a space heater or wood stove found in an older home. 
  • New homes contain circuit breakers in place of fuse boxes which can often overload if the wrong size fuse is used. 
  • Ground fault interrupters are installed in kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoors to reduce the risk of fire and electrocution. 
  • Today’s new homes feature tempered glass that will crumble instead of breaking into jagged pieces that could injure people. 
  • New home communities also offer safer environments, with sidewalks, cul-de-sacs and open spaces, and many also feature shared amenities such as a playground, pool or clubhouse to enhance your lifestyle. When you buy new, you get all the features you want, customized just for you. 
  • Due to the number of safety features found in newer homes, insurance rates tend to be lower.


  • The energy efficiency codes such as those pertaining to ceiling standards, and wall and floor standards have become stricter in recent years than in the past. 
  • The heating and cooling systems of today consume half as much energy as in the past.


You cannot get the comprehensive warranty on a resale that is offered by new-home builders. Professional home builders not only offer a 1 year comprehensive warranty, but also a 2 year electrical, plumbing and heating/cooling system assurance, and guarantee the structure for 10 years. When something goes wrong, your builder is there to make you happy, no matter what the costs. More than ever, new homes offer peace of mind.


Below are reputable St. Louis area new construction home builders that The Denny Team has successfully worked with. Contact The Denny Team for more information on buying a new construction home in the St. Louis area. 

Agape Construction Company

Berkley Construction Company

Bridwell and Brown Construction

Core Custom Homes

Dollar Development Company

Dublen Homes

Evergreen Homes

Helmut Weber Construction Company

J & W Construction

Kirkwood - Webster Construction

Laiben Homes

Mahn Custom Homes

Monterey Custom Homes

Rothmark Homes